Use your smart phone to help you brush!

Use your smart phone to help you brush! These days we use our smart phones for pretty much everything, but did you know it can help you with your brushing!  It is well known that brushing is an important part of our daily routines. For many of us, our mind wanders while brushing to a… Read more »

Enjoying the holidays with braces!

Enjoying the holidays with braces The holidays are almost here and it is time to enjoy all those delicious foods and treats. Unfortunately the holidays can be a tricky time for patients with braces, and temptations can be hard to keep at bay while family and friends are enjoying delicious holiday dishes. Not to worry… Read more »

Broken brackets.

Here is the basics of how it works.  Brackets are bonded to the surface of your teeth in the exact position that they need to be in order to move your teeth into the correct position. A wire is then run through the brackets and held into place using small elastics.  This wire then guides your… Read more »

Why are my brackets so close to my gums?

This is a common question we hear at our office. The short answer is they are not.  When brackets are initially placed on teeth, they are placed exactly where they need to be so that each individual tooth will be in perfect alignment.  Over time, with incorrect brushing and flossing, gum tissue becomes inflamed.  The… Read more »

Does getting braces hurt?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked, but you will be surprised at just how painless getting braces on actually is.  Your first appointment is as simple as this: Your cheeks with be retracted away from your teeth. Teeth are dried. A liquid agent will be applied to prepare teeth. Brackets… Read more »

The Different Types of Braces

If your teeth our out of alignment, or you have a significant under or over bite it can leave you with a less than perfect smile, while also compromising the full function of your mouth. In a situation like this Dr. might recommend that you are fitted for braces. All braces essentially work on the… Read more »

Your New Braces Require Care and Routine Cleaning

Your new braces will effectively realign your teeth through the course of several adjustment sessions. Missing an alignment session or damage caused to the wires and brackets of your braces, will increase the amount of time you need to wear them. A few changes in your daily habits and a diligent oral hygiene routine minimize… Read more »

Why You Should Align Your Smile as an Adult

Whether you believe it or not, braces aren’t just for teens anymore! Braces are now encouraged for adults as well, and our team is here to help you feel better about aligning your smile as an adult. Here are four reasons why aligning your smile as an adult is a good idea: No. 1: Every… Read more »

How to Care for Your Smile as a Teen

If you want a healthy and beautiful smile as a teen, our team at recommends that you do the following things on a regular basis: · Keep up on oral hygiene: It is vital that you brush your teeth every morning and every night, floss your smile at least once a day, and rinse your… Read more »

Daily Maintenance Tips for Your Traditional Braces

The wires, brackets, spacers and bands of your traditional braces represent a serious investment in providing you with the ideal alignment for your teeth. It your braces are damaged it most likely will lengthen the amount of time you have to need to wear them. Chewing gum and eating sticky foods can bend wires, loosen… Read more »